Established in 2005, the ADMEI Awards Program recognizes member excellence in Destination Management Company (DMC) program, component development, and delivery.  Submissions in over 20 award classifications are judged by a team of international industry professionals and the award winners are celebrated annually at the Awards Gala during the ADMEI Annual Conference. 

The ADMEI Awards Program includes three categories:  Excellence, Achievement and Recognition.

The Excellence Awards identify DMCs that excel in a specific component of Destination Management services for a program.  
The Achievement Awards identify DMCs that excel in Destination Management services for a specific program.
The Recognition Awards recognize peers and industry leaders with special acknowledgement for their efforts and leadership.

 Congratulations 2019 ADMEI Award Finalists!  

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Awards Gala SparklePlease join us for the 2019 ADMEI Annual Conference at the Four Seasons Houston Hotel, Houston, Texas, USA on 7-9 February 2019.  Finalists will be recognized and winners announced at the annual awards ceremony during the Awards Gala Saturday, 9 February 2019. Attendance to the Gala is included in the conference registration.  If you have not yet registered, please go to 2019 Annual Conference and complete your registration before 20 December 2018 to take advantage of Early Bird rates. 


Awards Information


2019 Awards FAQ and Entry Checklist

2019 ADMEI Awards FAQ and Entry Checklist provides an overview of the requirements for the ADMEI Excellence, Achievement and Recognition Awards and answers to questions you might have.


September 1, 2017 Beginning Date for Eligible Programs
August 31, 2018 Cut-off Date for Eligible Programs
August 1, 2018 Award Entry Site Open
August 31, 2018 Early Bird Entry Deadline ($25 savings)
September 28, 2018 Nominations for Recognition Awards Due
October 12, 2018 Regular Entry Deadline
October 31, 2018    Late Entry Deadline ($25 late fee)
December 17, 2018 Finalists Notified
January 11, 2019
Finalists' Storyboard Artwork Due
February 9, 2019 Awards Gala
Four Seasons Hotel Houston
Houston, TX USA


ADMEI Awards Entry Instructions

Want detailed information about the categories for the Achievement, Excellence and Recognition Awards for 2019?  We suggest you download the  2019 ADMEI Awards Entry Instructions and collect all the items required for your entry to streamline your entry process. 

Ready to Submit Your Entry?


Client Permission Request

Each entry must have the permission of the client to complete the entry process.  A sample letter is included in the 2019 ADMEI Awards FAQ-Checklist

2019 Entry Fees*

Submission Deadline Excellence Awards Achievement Awards Recognition Awards
August 31, 2018 $120 USD $170 USD  
September 28, 2018     Nomination: $0 No Charge
October 12, 2018 $145 USD $195 USD  
October 31, 2018 $170 USD $220 USD Entry: $0 No Charge

* Prices listed reflect $5.00 discount for payments made via check or wire transfer.


Each Achievement Award Finalist will be asked to submit an electronic storyboard that highlights their program/event.   These storyboards will be displayed on the ADMEI website and at the Annual Conference on LCD televisions throughout the pre-function space.  Storyboards must be designed and submitted in widescreen ratio (16:9), landscape format (maximum size:  1920px wide), web/screen resolution 72 pixels per inch.   Please remember that larger files will take longer to load on the website; files should be under 5 MB.

Storyboards are due to the ADMEI office no later than January 11, 2019 for posting on the ADMEI website.

Storyboard Specifications

ADMEI Awards Storyboard specs


Please email with your questions with AWARDS in the subject.  We will respond as quickly as possible.

Awards Process

Have you ever wondered how the ADMEI awards process works? Once all of the on-line supporting documents and back up are uploaded and the entry paid for, what happens next?

Here’s a handy guide to exactly what happens after you press “Enter” and hope for the best.

Step One

ADMEI company members are invited to submit their best programs to compete for a coveted ADMEI  Award via the awards website. Each entry must be completed and paid for by the final registration deadline to qualify for judging. ADMEI uses an awards entry platform website that is managed and maintained by a third party. The site is customized by the ADMEI staff for the type of entry – Achievement, Excellence or Recognition.  The individual at the DMC who creates the entry is responsible for ensuring that company names and entry names are correct. 

Step Two

After the final deadline, ADMEI staff does a quick review of all paid entries and disqualifies any for the reasons listed in the awards submission criteria document. This document can be found on the ADMEI website under the ADMEI Awards section.

 Step Three

Judges from around the world and familiar with DMCs (association and corporate planners, hoteliers, venues, photographers, production companies, agencies, etc.) are then divided into teams and assigned a category to judge. Judges are not permitted to judge a category that contains an entry that is within their same city, state in the US, or country outside the US.  Judging is anonymous -- judges do not see any company specific information - only what was submitted via the ADMEI awards website. ADMEI strives to have each entry judged by a minimum of 5 judges.

Judges are instructed to eliminate a company from consideration if they find any indication of the company name in the supporting documents, including photos.  Disqualifications will occur from photos containing staff with company logos on their apparel, name on the SOS, or other items.

Each judge logs on to the awards website, has 2-3 weeks to review the materials presented, and assigns points values for each question. Each question can receive a point rating as low as 1 or as high as 10.

Step Four

The awards website then generates a list of finalists to ADMEI based on the points earned in each category. Based on number of entries received per category and baring any ties, the top 3 in each category is generated automatically by the awards web platform (top 5 for Best Overall Program). The ADMEI office then notifies the finalists for each category.

This third-party awards platform generates all of the documents ADMEI uses during the awards notification process.  ADMEI will review the final list for misspellings and accuracy, checking with the person who completed the entry if there are any questions.

 Step Five

Using the third-party-platform email fuction, all entrants are notified if they are a finalist or not.  Finalists are announced via Quick Notes and the list is posted on the website. Press releases are sent to industry trade publications.  Each finalist company will have a chance to review this list and notify ADMEI of any final adjustments on their name or entry title. ADMEI then orders the awards based on the finalist list, approximately 4 weeks prior to the Awards Gala.

Step Six

The ADMEI Director of Awards and ADMEI Awards Committee review the finalists list. The Awards Committee then begins working on the Awards Gala production schedule, Awards Program document, and secures presenters for each category.

Achievement Award finalists send Storyboards to ADMEI.

Step Seven

The ADMEI Awards Gala night arrives and finalists are celebrated and winners are recognized!



Award Categories


The Excellence Award is for specific component of DMC services (technology integration/décor/crisis management).
  • Excellence in Risk & Crisis Management
  • Excellence in Technical Production
  • Excellence in Entertainment Production
  • Excellence in Event Décor/Design
  • Excellence in Incentive Travel Programming or Service
  • Excellence in Site Inspection
  • Excellence in Meeting Services
  • Excellence in Technology Integration
  • Excellence in Sustainable Initiatives
  • Excellence in Cultural & Tradition Integration


The Achievement Award is for an entire program (teambuilding/event/tour program).


  • Under $50,000
  • $50,001 - $100,000
  • $100,001 - $200,000
  • $200,001 – $500,000
  • $500,001 and up


  • Best Transportation Logistics


  • Best Teambuilding Activity
  • Best Tour Program
  • Best Recreational Activity
  • Best Public Event
  • Best Destination Marketing
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program








Recognition Awards honor peers and industry leaders with special acknowledgement for their efforts and leadership.
  • ADMEI Volunteer of the Year (VOY)
  • Destination Management Rising Star (DMRS)
  • Destination Management Professional of the Year (DMPY)
  • Hall of Fame | Lifetime Achievement Award (HOF)