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DMCP Program


DMCPs are required to renew their certification every five years. To be recertified, DMCPs must earn a minimum of 50 points on the DMCP Recertification Application. Candidates must earn a minimum of ten points in each of three sections of the application. The DMCP Recertification Application and fee of $200 US is due to the DMCP Program Office no later than October 15 of the year of certification expiration.

Important Note: For the purpose of recertification, all DMCP designations are valid through December 31 of the 5th year following the test date. For example, your certification expires on December 31, 2008 if you received your DMCP certification at any time during 2003. You should then apply for recertification prior to October 15, 2008.

For more information, see the detailed DMCP Recertification instructions.

Click here to download the DMCP Recertification Application. Please note that all forms must be submitted electronically.