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 Dec16 Adm Ei Xchange

Join us for the next ADMEiXchange on Wednesday, 14 December at 6am HT | 8am PT | 10am CT | 11am ET | 3pm UTC | 4pm BT | 7pm GT

The December ADMEiXchange will feature Robert Lee, DMCP, Spaintacular, Conference Chair and two committee members, Angeles Moreno, events tlc and Marc Schwabach, DMCP, Ambiance Incentives.  Never been in Barcelona?  Have questions?  Reserve Wednesday, 14 December at 11 am EST for this informative overview that will help you get ready for the best possible Barcelona experience.


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 ADMEI Awards 2016: How To Webinar

This one-hour webinar features DMC members that have consistently submitted winning entries. This webinar reviews best practices in choosing events and programs for submission, suggestions on how to create a compelling entry description and supporting documentation that will catch the judges' interest.  This is a must-see webinar for every DMC staff member charged with preparing award entries for their company!

This webinar is posted on the Members Only page.



ADMEI Emerging Issues Webinar Series:  DMCs and the New Employment Regulations YES!  THIS MEANS YOUR DMC!

The Department of Labor has issued new regulations (effective 1 December 2016) that will impact EVERY DMC in the USA.  Are you ready?  These regulations apply to EVERY company, no matter how many employees you have!

This two-part webinar will focus on key aspects of these regulations as they apply to the destination management company business model of full-time, part-time and independent contractor staffing.  

These webinars are provided at no cost to ADMEI members only as part of your membership benefits.  They are  recorded and available for review in the Members Only section of the ADMEI website.

Part One: Available on Members Only,

Changes in Overtime Exemptions for Salaried Employees

The Department of Labor has changed the salary threshold for overtime exemptions from $23,000 a year to $47,500 per year. Does this mean that you have to pay all your staff at least $47,500?  NO!  There are ways to effectively manage your staff hours.  This webinar addresses:

  • Description of profession/exemptions
  • Summary of new regulations and what they mean to employers
  • Ways to manage your staff hours, including re-classification of employees and use of the fluctuating work week method of compensation in some circumstances

Part Two: Available on Members Only,

Independent Contractor Status: Subtleties That Can Impact Your DMC

With the new regulations come increased scrutiny by the Department of Labor on independent contractors to ensure that they truly ARE independent.  And, if they do not meet the test, they will be entitled to premium pay for overtime worked?

This webinar addresses:

  • How does the Department of Labor define an Independent Contractor?
  • What tests will the Department of Labor apply to invalidating an Independent Contractor relationship?
  • Strategic considerations if your Independent Contractors are a close call


Paul Pautler, Husch Blackwell, LLP has more than 20 years’ experience as a trial attorney focusing on labor and employment cases, with a national practice representing clients in the hospitality industries.

Paul represents management clients in class and collective actions, complex employment lawsuits and arbitration proceedings. His extensive employment litigation career includes: 

  • Serving as first chair in numerous employment discrimination jury trials in state and federal courts, all of which returned verdicts in favor of his clients. 
  • Handling Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) class/collective action matter involving employee misclassifications, off-the-clock work, and donning and doffing. 


New DMC Staff Members

DMC Institute Webinar Series

Presented by Nicole Marsh, CMP, DMCP and Kevin Brewer, DMCP

Have new staff that don't know much about Destination Management?  This webinar series or workshop is tailor made to help them!

This DMC Institute is designed to cover the fundamentals of Destination Management delivered in an interactive format by industry veterans.  We’ll discuss the evolution of DMCs from ground operators to the value added service providers of today.  We’ll review the advancement and standardization of the industry through the efforts of ADMEI for both companies and individuals.  We’ll also analyze the overall business processes of DMCs including sales and marketing, proposal development, due diligence and onsite execution.  Additional topics include pricing strategies, risk management, vendor relations and client communication.

At the end of the series, you will:

  • Have the tools to analyze existing processes and apply the keys discussed to adapt to the current business climate;
  • Have a deeper understanding of the DMC industry as a whole and the resources available to differentiate your company with clients;
  • Walk away with recommendations and specific action items from our expert speakers and your peers that can be implemented immediately;
  • Have had the opportunity to interact and share success stories while further developing industry best practices.

This webinar series is now FREE to ADMEI members.  

Just log-in to the Members Only page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on See All Videos >> at the bottom of the page.


DMCP Study Webinars

To help you organize your review prior to the DMCP exam, ADMEI offers a series of seven webinars you can watch at your convenience:

  • Destination Management Company
  • Transportation
  • Program Management I
  • Program Management II, Part 1
  • Program Management II, Part 2
  • Additional Services, Part 1
  • Additional Services, Part 2

To go to our online registration form, please click here. If you have any problems, please call Roxy West, DMCP Program Administrator at 937.586.3727.

Registration is $100 for the first participant from an office; $65 for each additional participant. 

When you complete your registration you will receive links to the pre-recorded webinars.  The slides for each webinar are available upon request.

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