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The ADMEI Awards Entry Site Opens Tomorrow!

The ADMEI Awards Entry Site will open this Friday, 14 July... and here is what you can start doing NOW to prepare for your award-winning entries.

  1. Your first step is to review the 2018 FAQ and Checklist.  This document has all the checklists you need to decide which category(ies)  you should enter your program/event and the information you need to collect to complete your entries

  2. Next, check out the 2018 Entry Instructions.  This document lists ALL the categories for the Achievement, Excellence and Recognition Awards, the criteria for submission and the required supporting documentation.

  3. Want to know more about the Awards Process?   Go to the Awards Page and click on the Process tab.  This year's Awards Committee has documented what happens during each step of the awards submission and judging process.

  4. How much does it cost to enter?  Scroll down on the Awards Page to see the fee schedule.  Remember, there is NO CHARGE to nominate or enter in the Recognition category!  You can save money by entering prior to 31 August, but your final, final deadline is 30 October (with a late fee included, of course!)

  5. Where will I find the link to the Awards entry site?  It will be available on 14 July on the Awards Page

  6. When will we receive notification if we are a finalist?  Everyone will receive notification, whether or not they are a finalist.  Our goal is that every entrant will be notified PRIOR to the late fee charge which begins on 9 December 2017 for the Conference in Chicago .

Still have more questions? Email us and we will respond as quickly as we can!

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