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Does Your DMC have an Emergency Preparedness Certificate Holder?

With the recent events in Times Square, NYC and Manchester, England, more clients are looking for DMCs that are up to date on the latest in how to manage emergency events - from a decor mishap, or a transportation snafu to a life threatening situation to one or more of their participants.

The next Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program  will be held at the City Club in Washington, DC on 17 - 18 July.  

This 10+ hour program is designed to develop emergency & risk management specialists within your company by providing participants with in-depth training in:

  • Emergency Planning Mission with a focus on prevention, mitigation, and recovery,
  • Basics of Emergency Operations Planning,
  • Comprehensive, team approach to assist in building or revising an Emergency Operations Plan,
  • Extensive scenarios to explore emergency situations and appropriate responses
  • Additional planning considerations and risk assessments tools, and
  • Current events and trends impacting the event and destination management industry. 

Each participant will receive an Event Emergency Planning Checklist to customize for their use and a series of PowerPoints on training tactics and procedures to use for training internal and supplier/vendors.

Each participant will receive a certificate in Emergency Preparedness, an Event Emergency Checklist and a flash drive with the PowerPoint presentations to help educate the staff. 

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