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Show off Your ADMEI membership with a Digital Badge

ADMEI is announcing the newest way to share the word about your ADMEI membership: BadgeCert Digital Badges

By now, your member company's primary representative should have received an email detailing how to access their personalized digital badges. Plus, this week we’ll be releasing badges for Accreditation (ADMC) and Certification (DMCP)!

Common Questions about Badges

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are graphics that link back to a secure site with verified, personalized information on when and how you earned your skills or membership.

Where would I use a digital badge?

You can share digital badges anywhere online: social media profiles, email signatures, or on your company’s website. The unique link authenticates your skills and knowledge for clients, suppliers and your peers.

How does it work?

Last week, every current ADMEI member received an email from BadgeCert explaining how to claim their ADMEI Membership Badge. Once you click on the link in the email and claim your badge, you can start sharing it everywhere. It’s that easy.

What are the benefits of a digital badge?

Have you ever noticed that a competitor who had been a member, but isn't currently was still displaying an ADMEI logo on their website or in their email address?  With the digital badge, the information is tied to renewal dates - if a company isn't current with either their membership or ADMC renewal, or an individual has not recertified as a DMCP, their badge will automatically reflect "expired".   This clear statement will help current ADMEI members, ADMCs, and DMCPs demonstrate your current commitment to ADMEI's best practices.

More questions?

Give us a call at +1.937.586.3727 and we'll be glad to answer them. 

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