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Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program Successfully Launched

The first session of the Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program was successfully launched this week at the Tower Club, a ClubCorp property, in Dallas, TX.  The ten-hour program included an electronic version of the Event Emergency  Planning Checklist and ten PowerPoints to be used in training the staff on emergency preparedness, complete with instructor notes.

Congratulations to the 27 individuals who earned their Emergency Preparedness certificate for the completion of this program:

  • Jonni Adams, DMCP, CMP, General Manager, ACCENT on Arrangements, Inc., a DMC Network Company
  • Drusilla Blakey, Conference Director, Currency Research
  • Kate Brinkman, Senior Program Manager, CLINK
  • Margot Clark, Director of Operations, Destination Nashville, A Global DMC Partner
  • John Collins, Director of Operations, AXS Group, a DMC Network Company
  • Michelle Crosby, CMP, DMCP, Senior National Sales Manager, AlliedPRA Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Melissa Cummens, Conference & Meetings Management Coordinator, American Fidelity
  • David Fatheree, Vice President of Operations, Ultimate Ventures
  • Robert E. Felder, Director of Event Producers, AlliedPRA San Antonio/Austin
  • Byron Frazier, DMCP, Regional Managing Partner, 360 Destination Group
  • Lindsay Goneau, DMCP, Director of Operations & Program Development, AlliedPRA New England
  • Sarah Howard, DMCP, Senior Account Manager, AlliedPRA New Orleans
  • Jacinda Knightner, Program Manager, Red Velvet Events, Inc. a Global DMC Partner
  • Sarah Lo, Vice President of Professional Services, Red Velvet Events, Inc. a Global DMC Partner
  • Melissa Murray, President, Mosaix Group
  • Anna Musick, Operations Manager, Destination Musick City
  • Heather Niemeyer, DMCP, COO, Kennedy DMC Austin, a DMC Network Company
  • Pat Owings, DMCP, Chief Operating Officer, Maple Ridge Events
  • Patty Phelps, Partner, Vice President Sales, ACCESS Destination Services Texas - Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • McKenzie Portelance, Director of Operations, Maple Ridge Events
  • Leanne Rickner, DMCP, CMP, Vice President, factor 110 - Destination Oklahoma
  • Christine Roach, Director National Sales, ClubCorp USA
  • Jason Roberts, Owner, Circle R Ranch
  • Sharon Schenk, Director, Conventions and Event Management, CCA Global Partners, Inc.
  • Leah Scoles, State of Oklahoma
  • Amanda Woods, Project Manager, Meritage Events
  • Mariah Yeager, Compliance Manager, Destination Concepts, Inc.

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